We Are Anonymous.

Animals. Health. Environment.

This past November I was introduced to the vegan activist group “Anonymous for the Voiceless” through a friend on Facebook. That same month I participated in my first Cube of Truth. Now, this group and the events we host and/or participate in have become an important part of my life. The values I hold in regards to veganism are not only supported but strengthened. Anonymous for the Voiceless was established in Melbourne, Australia during the April of 2016, and has blossomed into an international community in the couple of years since. Recently I discovered that Chicago was the first location to host a Cube of Truth through an official Anonymous for the Voiceless branch outside of Melbourne (I’m from Chicago so I find that pretty darn cool). Today, there have been Cube of Truth demonstrations in over 376 cities across 56 countries.

The Cube of Truth is an outreach demonstration where a group of people assemble in a cube (or square if you want to get really technical), each person holding either a sign or TV/laptop/tablet reading messages and playing clips of the common practices that are present in the animal industry today. These practices are cruel and horrific. The content presented gives viewers an inside look into what truly goes on in slaughterhouses, fish farms, factories, “free-range” establishments, etc. There are also a few people that stand outside of the cube doing outreach through thoughtful conversations and the distribution of further information. Those in the cube are usually wearing all black and an “Anonymous” mask. While this is a part of the established aesthetic of the demonstration, it also helps viewers focus more on the content of what is being shown to them instead of what the demonstrators are wearing and look like.

While I have only participated in a few demonstrations so far, the effect I have seen them have is already impressive and uplifting. I have witnessed many important and impactful conversations. Hunters and farmers who are considering a change in lifestyle. Parents realizing the connection and responsibility they have. People brought to tears as their eyes are opened to the cruelty behind their consumption. Kids choosing to listen and being open to change as their parents walk away. Fellow vegans discovering a new and welcoming community to become a part of. Not everyone stops to watch or discuss. Not everyone is open to facing the truth and/or making a change. But those who do stop and are ready are the ones that make a difference. Without them, change wouldn’t be possible. You can spread awareness all you want, but if no one is willing to listen then nothing is going to change.

Along with the Cube of Truth, Anonymous for the Voiceless hosts and participates in vigils and other events aimed at public outreach, information/training, and protest. The opportunities, both formal and informal, to stand up and speak out are plenty. I now find myself stopping people in the street that I see wearing Canada Goose. I post consistently about veganism on a wide range of platforms. I have thoughtful discussions with coworkers, family, and friends about the cruelty in the animal industry and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to their health and the environment. I am thankful for the people that listen and are open to discussion. I am even more thankful for those that decide to make a change.

Veganism is a lifestyle, and my involvement with Anonymous for the Voiceless has been a beautiful addition. It has given me the opportunity to make a bigger difference and learn more about veganism, society, and myself. I’m able to stand up for my beliefs and spread an important message. The people I have met are amazing and the experiences have been unforgettable. These are valuable additions to my life and it’s pretty darn cool to be able to share it with others. During my first Cube I locked eyes with a man who had tears streaming down his face. I could see in his eyes that he saw the truth and had made the connection. We are all one. We are all equal. And the sooner we realize that, the better.


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  1. So awesome! I’ve been trying to find one nearby. Might have to organize one myself. Thanks for the discussion, you’re giving me even more motivation!

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