My Favorite (non-edible) Vegan Products

Being vegan is about more than what you do and don’t eat. It’s also about the products you use. A main component of veganism is being cruelty-free, from your choice in cosmetics to the food on your plate. Being able to carry this into all aspects of one’s life requires a fair amount of research and knowledge. Being aware of the ingredients/materials that are used in a brand’s products along with how they produce them is vital when living a vegan lifestyle.

The criteria to consider when looking for vegan products:

  1. None of the ingredients and/or materials contain animals products (i.e. milk, egg, honey, cowhide, fur).
  2. No animal testing at any point during production (cruelty-free).

***If you bought an item that is not vegan-friendly before becoming a vegan, you can still use it if you would like. Just don’t buy it again after going vegan.***

Finding vegan-friendly products for everyday life isn’t always easy and can occasionally be hard on your wallet. Also, some products that I’ve found to be vegan aren’t explicitly advertised as being so which can be both a happy surprise and a cautious choice. This is more common when it comes to food though (I’ll get to that in another post). As long as you adhere to the criteria I listed above, you should be good.

Now, here’s a list of some of my favorite (non-edible) vegan-friendly products:



***Leave any suggestions/questions in the comments and check back for added products!***

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